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Correct Operation Will Extend The Service Life Of Jaw Crusher



Jaw crusher affected the work of the principal factors that have to rodents angle and more.

     E rodents and dynamic angle is the angle between the E-set. According to the largest rodents angle of up to 32 degrees. The actual use are less than 25 degrees, typically 18-20 degrees. Rodents angle too, would cavity in the ore crusher upward extrusion, which wounding or damage other equipment, rodents at the same time as the angle increased (more than broken) lower productivity. I adjust the size of discharge, it also changes the size of rodents angle. In real life, in accordance with the size of the discharge requirements to regulate the size of discharge mouth. Therefore, in ensuring the request of the product size, I try to enlarge the discharge is reasonable. Pai mine mouth size can be regulated by adjusting the block, in regulating discharge mouth to be taken when broken ratio and the relationship between productivity.

     Within a certain scope, to increase the number of eccentric shaft can be enhanced crusher capacity, but will also increase the weight of ore crusher units of power consumption. Speed too, would crushing chamber has been broken in too late from ore to produce plug phenomenon, but will reduce production capacity, power consumption increase, and therefore, E-breakers should be the most suitable to a few.

   Jaw crusher mill of the eccentric shaft, connecting rod, E movable panels, is the main axis and liner wear parts, requiring constant attention to the lubrication and replacement.

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