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Installation And Debugging About The Rock Crusher



1.E-breakers installed by the factory after Availability, users should be received after the inspection machines and the elimination of the various transport problems, and then install it.

2 .Installation rack at the end of the longitudinal plane tolerance level of 0.5 mm / m, the horizontal level degrees (measured in the Spindle) Tolerance 0.15 mm / m.

3 .Parts of the upper rack, the rack should be looking for is leveling Anchor Bolt and tightened the rear in the assembly.

4. Machinery must be fully activated before the examination. Retention of fixed parts, as well as parts of lubrication triangular belt tensioner extent suitability should be the focus of inspection.

5.Checks to be cut off the circuit switch, and switches to put up a clear sign. Annotated "not closing," and so forth.

6 .Breakers must be empty start to empty test should not be less than two hours, they should pay attention to the trial to observe the work of crushing machine, such as found not a normal phenomenon, immediately stopped, and to identify its causes; question after elimination machine can be restarted.

7. Application of ore uniform feeder breakers to all the crushing chamber. Load testing began when a small amount of ore gradual transition to a half load, a full load. If all crusher mill to the mine ore block too large or too much, or breaking of the hands of non-recurrent (Head) will speed up the machine wear and damage. Therefore control of lump ores and non-fragmentation of falling into the machine and maintain uniformity of the ore crusher to the normal operation of its significance.

8.Breakers work to maintain the stability of bearing temperature not exceeding 75 , such as should be immediately stopped and will be more than troubleshooting.

9 .Breakers parking, should be the first to the mining machinery for cutting material. Be broken ore in the cavity completely broken, and then cut off the main electrical power shutdown.

10 .Centralized lubrication oil supply system (some models). Manual stem from a petrol filling stations, two-and lubricating oil to the pipeline components. Recommend using calcium-based lubricant grease (GB491-65). Grease such as sodium (GB492-77), attention to the tide. Users can also choose according to their specific conditions and oil. To the oil, pay attention to the elbow plate support of the oil. Users can also be used guns to the oil-bearing directly supply refueling. Not too much, so as not to waste. Users can adjust itself to the oil lubrication system, so as to achieve reasonable for the purpose of oil.

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